We all have heard the saying “Make Hay While the Sun Shines” that perfectly depicts the current scenario of doing business in the modern digital world. Gone are the days when people would refrain themselves from being active on social media platforms. Having a Facebook profile is very common these days, remember the time when our parents used to yell at us for spending too much time on Facebook but now they are one who are most active on Social Media. With the current scenario, it is evident that social media is the need of the hour and having a Facebook page for Business Owners is a boon.


Here we will see the 5 most important reasons as to why Business owners require a Facebook page.


  1. Still an untouched Platform for most Businesses:

There are many Small to Medium Business Onwers who have not touched this platform and still unaware of the impact a Facebook page might bring. So it’s a good fortune for those Business owners, who have decided to be present on Social Media by creating a Facebook page because their competitor is still uninformed about it.

  1. Creating Brand Awareness:

For any start up the biggest challenge is to reach people and tell them about your product, consider investing on traditional methods of Brand Awareness and you will lose your start up finding quite early. Now more and more people are investing their time on Facebook, as per statistics an average person spends around 20 minutes daily on Facebook. Hence creating a Facebook page for Business Owners will surely be a good thing.

  1. Lead Generation:

People always confuse lead generation by running paid campaigns only, but the fact is if your Facebook page has enough followers you can generate leads without even running paid campaigns. Facebook gives this option to its users to create good offers to attract more and more customers and sell the product directly.

  1. Good Customer Service:

For the business to reach heights, to make good profits keeping their customer happy is the most vital aspect. Social media should not be used only to create awareness of the brand or generate leads, for many businesses the growth completely depends on the Customer satisfaction. Now customer satisfaction is becoming an important part of all the businesses and hence this is one more reason for the Business Owners to create Facebook page. Replying to the customer’s query and their reviews will give them assurance that someone is looking to solve their problems.

  1. Better Understanding of the Customers:

Facebook is a good platform to interact with your customers on regular basis. With Facebook insights you can analyze what type of post is performing better. You can create good strategies to keep your audience engaged, also monitor their reaction on comments section. It’s a wonderful platform to understand the customer needs to improve the area where you are lagging behind. Also for future products and services, creating Facebook polls and surveys offers great benefits for knowing the right customer needs.

There are many more reasons like that for Business Owners to have a Facebook page. Without waiting any more minute an Entrepreneur must consider moving it towards Social Media platforms as it offers good leverage to increase sales and grabbing new customers every minute of the day.

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